Piling Contractor Newcastle

Piling Contractor Newcastle

Newcastle’s #1 Piling Contractor

Piling Contractor Newcastle

Quality Piling Contractor Newcastle

If you are building in the Newcastle area, chances are you will need a piling contractor. Robar Boring has helped to create the foundation for hundreds of Newcastle buildings over the last 50 years. Pilings can be made of concrete, steel and long-lasting metal, but ensuring they have the proper space in the ground is our speciality. With a fleet of over 20 vehicles, the depth and scale of your Newcastle piling project is nothing we can’t handle. In addition, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. In addition to a piling contractor, we will be a trusted resource for compliance and safety.

Safety And Compliance

Safety and compliance are paramount in any piling or boring project. If our employees and your property are not safe, we won’t proceed. There are many things that can go wrong with a piling project, and we have seen that happen through the years. However, Robar Boring has an Occupational Health and Safety Plan in place, and safety is our most important OH & S plan in place, and safety is our number one priority.

Top Notch Equipment and Machinery

A top notch fleet will help ensure that any project can go off without an issue. At Robar Boring, we are very serious about the quality and efficiency of our drilling machines. For Newcastle, drilling and piling machinery has to be able to get through more challenging materials. In addition, it is essential to consider the depth that drilling machines can reach. If your project needs drilling of up to 20 meters or the ability to drill through rock Robar Boring has the equipment necessary. In addition, we have a range of auger sizes to work for anything from residential to commercial piling projects. The proper equipment will make any job more efficient.

Most Experienced Piling Contractor Newcastle

One of the most important aspects of a quality piling contractor is the time that they have spent in the industry. Piling is different from other trades as there are many considerations with both safety and compliance. At Robar Boring, we have been in the piling business for more than 50 years. Service the Newcastle area this entire time has taught us how to take care of customers and anticipate needs. If you think that your piling project will be complicated, chances are we will have a solution. We have learned how to manage the needs of our fleet and crew with the needs of our customers. After all, a project is not complete until everyone is satisfied. When choosing a boring contractor in Newcastle, go with the most experienced.

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If your Newcastle building project requires a piling contractor, Robar Boring is the intelligent choice. The large fleet, dedication to customer service and experience in the industry truly set us apart from other piling contractors. If you are worried about the scope of your project, we can provide guidance and insight. After all, with the time we have spent in the industry, we likely have a completed project just like yours to help ease your mind.

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