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Robar Boring Contractors Pty Ltd are a leading, Sydney-based piling specialist in providing Commercial, Industrial and Residential piling services to clients across Sydney and the surrounding region. We offer a range of bored piling services, including foundation drilling, bored piers, shoring, rock drilling, and belling/underreaming.

At Robar Boring Contractors Pty Ltd, our piling contractors create long-lasting, steady piling-based foundations suitable for buildings of all sizes.

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Our Drilling Machines

When you’re looking for piling contractors in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong or the surrounding area, we should be your first choice. Our drilling machines can drill through tougher materials and for a greater distance than most excavators. Here are a few impressive qualities to note regarding our drilling machines:

  • Ability to drill up to 20 meters deep
  • Ability to drill into rock, shale and soil
  • Wide range of auger sizes from 200 mm to 1800 mm in diameter

Whether you need to drill a simple piling foundation for a residence or require a deep piling foundation for a warehouse, we have the machines you need to get the job done.

Our Safety Standards

At Robar Boring Contractors Pty Ltd, we take safety seriously. Clients who are concerned about the condition of our machines will be pleased to note that we perform rigorous maintenance inspections every three months. We only use machines that have passed both external and internal safety tests.

In addition, our piling contractors are highly trained and experienced. We provide training for all our operators and require that they hold a current induction card and Heavy Rigid license. You can count on our company to follow all federal and state regulations throughout Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong. You can learn more about out Safety Standards in our blog.

Our Experience and Expertise

For nearly five decades, Robar Boring Contractors Pty Ltd has given buildings of all varieties the right start. Examples of our finished projects include apartment structures, retail centres, hospitals and ageing centres, among many other development projects.

Our piling contractors service Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong, we serve clients throughout the Regional NSW areas.  We also undertake numerous projects in ACT (Canberra and the surrounding areas). Additionally, we can even bring our expertise to job sites in VIC, QLD and SA.

Contact us today to discuss what you need from our piling contractors and get a project estimate.

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Our Pilings and Foundations

Many modern buildings stand on pilings – a foundation that consists of concrete poured between strong pillars embedded deep into the ground. Pilings may be made of concrete, steel or another long-lasting metal.

We specialise in providing the drilling necessary before the installation of pilings. We use a fleet of more than 20 vehicles so that we can serve each of our job sites with the appropriate equipment. Our team can tackle virtually any foundation creation task, including those involving difficult drilling situations or large-scale piling depth requirements. You can also learn more about our site preparation for our specialised services on our rock drilling page.

We can also provide segmental casing, also known as steel liners, that are installed with precision and regulation compliant practices.